NUCSOFT fosters an environment where employees get an opportunity to involve themselves in a variety of activities outside of work, most of which are created, planned and implemented by our employees themselves.
A common acronym at NUCSOFT is NucFrenzy which stands for Entertainment, Sports, Celebration, Activities, Party planning and Events. You will also see our employees celebrating holidays and festivals together with their families. Employees also frequently plan weekend excursions to fun and adventurous locations.
Our employees represent a wonderful mix of people who enjoy quiet and vociferous fun coupled with a serious desire to contribute to society and the success of NUCSOFT.

As the famous quote says:
"It is better to be in chains with friends,
than to be in a garden with strangers"…………….
This is what Nucfrenzy believes in.
Going forward with this belief, Nucfrenzy
celebrates friendship day every year by
sharing chocolates and tying friendship
bands to all the employees across the
organization. To add on to this, refreshments
are always a part!
After a long tiring week, to give a pause to
the monotonous life, what’s better than Nuc Matinee
- A Movie (on public demand!!!) with some refreshments.
Show Timings: Working Saturdays 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
At NUCSOFT, the nine days of Navratri are
celebrated with equal zest with nine colours
for nine different days.
For all the die-hard fans of cricket in NUCSOFT,
Nucfrenzy welcomes you to Nuc Cricket -
An annual event that recognizes and awards the
best performers.
The Awards include:
The Best Team
The Best Batsman
The Best Bowler
All Rounder
In a diversified culture, it’s essential to be united.
Nucfrenzy brings all states together in pure
traditional attires spreading the feeling of oneness.
To complement the excitement, a best traditional
attire is awarded.
Come Christmas time and everyone’s awaiting their gifts. Nucfrenzy’s
Santa Clause surprises everyone with exciting gifts and chocolates.
Filling the Sky with different colours,Nucfrenzy
organizes Kite Flying Event in a
traditional style with mouth relishing
Dhoklas and Fafdas…..!!!!
Diwali, the festivity of lights, is celebrated on a
grand scale in the whole of India. At NucSoft,
we celebrate Diwali in a different way, bringing a
spark in the eyes of each and every Nuclite.
Nucfrenzy feels excited on this occasion and celebrates
it in its pure spirit - Lighting Lamps, Exchanging Sweets
and drawing colorful Rangolis.
To enjoy the nature’s trail, solve the mysteries of
nature and have a walk in the woods getting wet,
Nuclites are welcome to take pleasure of the never
ending happiness of dancing in the rain.