Application Support

For any Core or non-core system to work efficiently, Application Support is a must. Application Support Team supports IT services delivered to the users within an organisation, enabling the required business processes needed for the business to be successful. Often, building the Support Teams, training them, managing their performance and ensuring continuous service during expected time frame is a cumbersome task for Client’s IT Team. To cater to this need, Nucsoft has come up with its Application Support services.

Application Support methodology

Types of Support:

Level 1/Critical: This level would typically correspond to issues/incidents that result into disruption/unavailability of most of the critical services, non-functioning of part of whole modules or services. This level to be addressed immediately.

Level 2/Significant: The identified issue has a significant business impact and needs to be taken up on top priority. This level would typically correspond to issues that result into disruption of one or more critical services.

  • Managed Services Model:
  • Nucsoft undertakes onshore / offshore Application Support as a fixed bid contract and the Service Level Agreements are pre-defined in consultation with the Client.

    Client: Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd (FICC)
    Special Milestone Achieved: For Client, FICC, we not only achieved ZERO SLA breach in L1 Support in August 2017 but also sustained it for 12 consecutive months.

  • T&M Model:
  • Nucsoft allocates Application Support resources to client on a mutually agreed terms and monthly billing rate.

    Client: SBI Life Insurance Company, Tata AIG General Insurance Company

  • Hybrid Model:
  • Hybrid model is a mix of Managed Services and T&M Model. Like L1 Support taken as Managed Services Contract and L2 Support as T&M Model.

    Client: Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Ltd (ABHICL)