Chatbot Implementations

Operational work of any company is often repetitive and time consuming. This leads to unnecessary utilization of time and resources which can be avoided by bringing Automation. Seeing this opportunity, Nucsoft has come up with its Chatbot implementation Solution for bringing automation in Operations. A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. Chatbots are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.

  • Botpress:
  • Botpress is an open-source bot creation tool written in TypeScript. It is powered by a rich set of open-source modules built by the community. Botpress is like the WordPress of bots; anyone can create and reuse other people's modules.

  • RASA:
  • RASA is an open source AI assistant tools that support context in conversation to effectively engage with your customers.

    Key features of RASA:

    • Handle contextual conversations with deep learning instead of hand-crafted rules
    • Open source and fully customisable, designed for the enterprise IT landscape
    • Cutting-edge machine learning technology ensuring the best available customer experience

  • Successful POC done for Citi Bank:
  • Chatbot was designed to generate Trade Instruction File based on the conversation done between Dealer and the Chatbot.