Contact Point Verification

Contact Point Verification process is the process where an employee or representative of the bank visits the customer locations and verifies its authenticity. Normally, CPV process is outsourced to third party organisation which leads to major concern related to the authenticity of collected data which is submitted to the bank. CPV (Contact Point Verification) Mobile App is designed to overcome the challenges faced in the process of customer verification such as

  • The CPV Agency Staff may submit CPV report to the Bank without actual CPV
  • This leads to dilution of credit check and put the bank at risk of a fraud & default

To overcome these problems, CPV is equipped with following functionalities:

  • IMEI & Employee Code based authentication
  • Image Capturing of Premise as well as verifier
  • Geo Tagging with Images to determine the authenticity of data
  • Centralize CPV system for all systems in the bank

  • Safeguards the Credit Risk Team against fraudulent activities by Agency Staff
  • Enhances accountability of Mobile Employees
  • Helps in Centralized Data Flow and Storage
  • Provides very High rate of Data Accuracy

CPV Statistics for our Existing Client – HDFC Bank

  • 30000 - 40000 CPVs done on daily basis
  • 5000 Active Users on field
  • Minimum 3 images for one CPV, Each image size is 30 to 40 kb
  • 5 GB of data flow from Devices to Bank server Every Day
  • 9 to 12 Lakh CPVs are done on monthly basis
  • Configurable data storage to manage storage problem