Learning @ NUCSOFT

Our success lies in enhancing our own human capital and in the process be a 'one stop' training solution provider. It helps to achieve the company mission and performance goals.
At NUCSOFT, training and development of our employees is considered an integral part of Human Resource Development function. The objective of enhancing our human capital is achieved by providing technical, skills related and behavioral training. We ensure that our employees have the opportunity to acquire and learn new skills in alignment with business goals to improve their individual performance, team performance, and as a result the performance of the organization. We ensure that all members receive best possible education and training necessary for achieving full competence to perform the duties of assigned positions and desired future positions. For progressive institutions & enterprises looking to enhance human capital, we offer corporate learning solutions. Our comprehensive staff training programs provide high-quality training to its corporate clients through innovative and pioneering processes. We provide training to all employees in different areas such as: -

Induction Training

In NUCSOFT, induction is a mandatory training and the same is attempted to be imparted within four months of the joining date of employee.

Technical Training

This training focuses on the technical skills in conjunction with client’s process requirements. e.g. Pro*C, VB, Java.

Training in Quality Processes

This training is imparted by the Quality Department. The training focuses on dissemination on quality management systems, quality policy and objectives, procedures & processes. e.g. PS, UTP, FS, & DS.

Functional Training

This training focuses on functionality of products and processes. e.g. Treasury operations, Data warehousing.

Behavioral Training

This type of training focuses on encouraging employees to be proactive, enhance their knowledge base, improve teamwork and develop a positive attitude. e.g. Group Dynamics, Communication Skills etc.

Managerial Training

This training is imparted to enhance the managerial skills of employees e.g. Leadership skills, Creativity etc.