Portal Solution

Most of the prominent players in the marketplace use Portal solutions, which enables their users to have access to their own account, perform and keep a track of their activities with the help of the simplified UI (User Interface) and so on, thus bringing transparency in the process, putting it's customer at ease and increase in profit maximization.

Portal Solution is a type of development tool used to create a portal (starting point) on a company's intranet so that the user can find a centralized starting place for access to consolidated enterprise-related functions, such as E-mail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Company Information, Workgroup Systems, and Other Applications.

Nucsoft delivers it's unique Portal Solutions with the help of one of the world class open source Portal solution provider - Liferay.

Liferay is an open source Digital Experience Platform that helps in building Portals, Intranets, Extranets, Websites and integrate with other systems to build connected experience all under single platform.

Key Attributes of Liferay:

  • Flexible Enterprise Integration Framework:

    Liferay Portal is a central presentation layer platform that allows users, administrators and developers to integrate content and services from backend or legacy applications
  • Custom Fields:
    Administrators can customize, edit, add, and change user attributes (name, company, date, or any other information that needs to be tracked or logged by your system) directly from Liferay, without needing to modify their database
  • User Personalization:
    Depending on what an administrator allows, users can personalize portal pages by adding, removing, positioning content or portlet attributes (e.g., zip code for weather portlet).
  • Role Based Content Delivery:
    Portals allow multiple user types to access a single URL and access a unique page view depending on the users role, group, organization or personal preferences.
  • Simplified UI Development:
    Liferay Portal simplifies the development of internal, external, and channel websites--notably those that allow users to login for personalized services or views and those that require a workflow approval process to update content and integrate or aggregate multiple existing services.
  • Single-Click Configuration:
    A fast, responsive interface makes Liferay Portal extremely easy and enjoyable to use for everyone in your organization.
  • Workflow Framework:
    Liferay Portal allows you to incorporate workflow into any of your own custom portlets by leveraging Liferay's workflow APIs
  • Auditing & Performance Monitoring:
    To help administrators monitor the portal's performance and better optimize resources, Liferay Portal gives administrators access to key performance statistics (hits/page, avg time/hit, max time per request, and more) for all portlets and portal pages
  • Multi-language Support:
    International or multi-lingual organizations get out of the box support for 30+ languages.

Benefits of Liferay:

  • Ensure long term viability: Liferay Portal promises business security and long term viability that surpasses that of the competition.
  • Lower TCO: When you choose Liferay Portal your organization benefits from an exceptionally low total cost of ownership
  • Flexibility in business: Liferay Portal is offered under an open source license (for the Community Edition) as well as a business-friendly commercial license with a Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription.
  • Risk free Compatibility: With all major operating systems, application servers, and databases means that you can download, install and try Liferay Portal in your existing IT environment, with your existing IT staff.
  • Higher ROI and business agility: An organization powering a website with Liferay Portal can easily add social features to capitalize on the power of its online community.
  • Stay secure: Liferay Portal uses industry standard, government-grade encryption technologies, so you can always be confident in the security of your data.

  • For SBICAPS:
  • Intranet Portal for Employees

  • For Magma Fincorp:
  • Employee Portal, Channel Portal, Vendor Portal

  • For L&T Finance:
  • Intranet Portal for Employees