In places where Internet connectivity isn’t great and entry-level smartphone does not have enough space to download a full-fledged Mobile app, Progressive Web Apps come for the rescue. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but can offer the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native Mobile applications. PWAs combine the flexibility of the web with the experience of a native Mobile application. Nucsoft’s PWA enablement is aimed at providing PWA version of your Web or Mobile Based application so that your Employees and Customers can access it conveniently anytime anywhere.

  • Reliable: Loads content instantly and even without connection
  • Fast: Responds quickly – fast scrolling and frame rate
  • Engaging: Feels like a native app on the platform
  • Secure: Uses TLS Encryption

  • Helps in better penetration of Application among masses
  • Independent of Operating System
  • Avoids over-dependency on fast internet connection