CEO Speak


It has always been a pleasure reaching out to you.

Our vision has guided our team towards a set of excellent values. We continue to work towards the goal that ‘our clients should like what we do’. The proof of the pudding is in eating it. Only the person who eats the pudding can tell of its goodness. In the same context, the value of an organization can be told by its clients. If the clients like and appreciate what is delivered to them, then the effort is worth it.

Our deep client relationships are one of the key differentiating factors that build our confidence in our growth strategy and our positioning for the future. Growth in our business creates opportunities for us to bring to our clients new ideas and innovation, in order to achieve high performance.

Our team has strived for a vision. The vision is of building a good social fabric within the organization, to build a culture, which helps develop good relationships within the teams. We believe that work needs to be a serious matter because it is the output which impacts our clients.

Our areas of focus:

Enhancing the user friendliness of our products

Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Upgrade our best practices and project plans to leave our customers extremely satisfied.

Achievement, performance and success, all lead towards and start from a simple point – appreciation from the people around you. The most valuable success comes if the people around you are a part of it. At NUCSOFT the effort was, is and will always be to achieve together and to ensure that the best success stories include clients, support teams and the people who have worked on it – all of them together.

In change and challenge, we find opportunity to examine the present around us and invest in our future. We are excited about our future. We look forward to a bigger future only because we are together.


Arun Shekhar