Inferyx provides businesses with a fast, secure and efficient data management and analytics platform capable of managing enterprise-grade data and creating AI-ML powered solutions to aid strategy design processes of businesses. Inferyx’s Analytics solutions are capable of real-time fraud detection and analyses of the experiences of the customers and employees of businesses.

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Features of the Inferyx Platform:

Meta data driven architecture

The platform provides a unified view of the client’s data across the several systems used by the client. This view enables the client to have easy access to data through a single point of reference and also allows the platform to generate insights from analyzing the comprehensive data of customers.

Data Management:


The platform provides an easy and secure way to store, search, standardize, manage and analyze large data sets.

Rule engine:

This platform enables businesses to execute one or more business rules in a runtime production environment using a multi method rules manager. Businesses can create workflows around these rules and create alerts based on rule monitoring.

Advanced analytics:


Inferyx provides businesses with the capability to develop, test, validate and deploy machine learning models as a service within the platform. These models are capable of analyzing large complex data sets and gain insights through pattern identification.

Process flow