Liferay is an award-winning digital experience platform which enables businesses to create rapid, secure and scalable solutions that helps businesses drive up revenues and aids their digital transformation journey. Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provides businesses with the tools to create Websites, Partner Portals, Customer Portals, Integration Platforms, Headless APIs, Intranets and B2B Commerce solutions. Liferay’s DXP is further enhanced by its Cloud Hosting and Analytics capabilities.

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Features of the DXP

Identity Management and Access Control


The platform gives businesses a high degree of application security by providing secure and configurable User management and Access management capabilities.

Integration and Interoperability


The platform supports several popular Java and Javascript frameworks, IDEs, build automation tools, and integrates easily with SOAP, REST, RSS and proprietary APIs.

Collaboration and Social


The platform provides tools to create various types of collaboration sites such as Blogs, Training materials, Forums, Wiki sites, Polls and more.

Forms, Workflows and Business Process Automation


The platform makes it easy to create forms, build and customize workflows around the forms, and gather analytics.

Content Management


The platform provides an efficient content management system which supports documents, images, videos and provides personalized user experiences through auto-tagging features.



Integrations with Elasticsearch and Solr, combined with multi-language search capabilities allows Liferay to provide fast enterprise-scale search capabilities.



The platform provides several types of analytic capabilities which helps businesses to make effective data-driven decisions.



LifeRay’s cloud solutions provide businesses with several benefits such as Zero downtimes, Autoscaling bandwidth and computing resources, Backup & Restore, VPN and more.

Liferay Solutions


Liferay’s platform aids businesses across several sectors



DXP’s Portal Development, Integrations, Content Management and Analytics tools help businesses in the Insurance sector to create solutions for Employees, Agents and Customers.


DXP’s Portal, Intranet, Websites and Mobile App Development tools combined with the third-party integrations helps banks and financial institutions create fast and scalable products for employees and customers.