WSO2 is a leading enterprise platform provider to hundreds of global clients from diverse industry sectors. WSO2’s platform provides an easy-to-use API management tool and an Integrator tool which can integrate internal and external systems through a micro-services-based or an ESB-based approach. WSO2’s solutions can be deployed on-premises, on private servers, on a cloud or on a hybrid architecture. WSO2 offers a high degree of security and fast deployment times to their clients.

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Products of the WSO2 Platform

API Manager

The API Manager provides businesses an easy way to design, deploy and monitor APIs on a wide range of infrastructure. It offers tools to create secure, flexible and robust solutions to connect internal systems with other internal and external systems through APIs. It provides analytics regarding API usage to help businesses make data-driven decisions. The API manager supports both Virtual Machine and Container implementations.

Enterprise Integrator

WSO2’s Enterprise Integrator (EI) is an effective solution for a business’s internal and external integration requirements. Using different integration architecture styles such as a micro-services based or an ESB-based approach, EI can be used for several integration applications such as SaaS Integrations, Streaming Integrations, B2B Integrations and more.

Identity Server

WSO2’s Identity Server provides easy and secure login capabilities for its users through SSO and a multi-factor adaptive authentication policy. It enables businesses to easily manage access rights of the users to the application and to curb phishing attacks. The Identity Server can be scaled up to manage enterprise-level identities.

Data Analytics Server

WSO2 solutions are capable of providing real-time analytics to help businesses make data-driven business decisions and to quickly identify and address inefficiencies. The Analytics solutions are capable of rapidly analyzing and extracting insights from very large amounts of data.


WSO2 platform provides businesses with the capacity to connect to several IoT and mobile devices including Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Windows mobile to name a few. WSO2’s IoT solutions are fast to deploy, scalable and secure. Combined with WSO2’s Streaming Analytics, a business can get real-time insights from its IoT and mobile devices and take responsive actions.